The Bible is not addressed only to long-dead people in a faraway land.  It is addressed
to each of us in our own unique situations.  When we read, we need to understand what
the text says and how the faithful have understood its meaning in the past.  In light of
this understanding, we then ask: What is God saying to me? (USCCB)

New to Scripture study or a Biblical scholar…
Please join us for our Fall Session – Letter to the Hebrews.

The program will run for 7 consecutive weeks:
Starting Wednesday, October 5 through Wednesday, November 16
7:30 PM – 9 PM
Faculty Room, School of Saint Elizabeth

Each week will include a video presentation by Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, PhD, and a
small group discussion of the readings.
Suggested donation: $20.00 (Study Guide and Commentary).

For more information, please contact:
Cathy Homan via email at or
Harvey Homan via email at,
or by phone at (908) 696-8976.

Hebrews is more like a sermon than a letter.  It reviews the history of Israel to
demonstrate how Jesus Christ fulfills and even surpasses all the hopes expressed in
the Old Testament. It presents Jesus as the unique High Priest who is simultaneously
the one who offers sacrifice to God and is himself the sacrifice.  It describes the
exaltation of Jesus Christ as superior to all that came before, whether prophet, priest or
angel.  Jesus is presented as our High Priest whose compassion for us is rooted in his
humanity, but whose sacrifice is all sufficient because he is without sin.  Those who
receive this sermon/letter are reminded of the great heroes of faith found in the Old
Testament and are urged to imitate their faithful endurance.

Register today!
Please complete the  The Letter to the Hebrews Registration Form and return to the office with your
$20 donation for the Study Guide and Commentary.  

Return to OLPH, Attn: Bible Study, 111 Claremont Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924 or return in an envelope
marked “Bible Study” and place in the collection basket.

We look forward to seeing you!