OLPH Family Catechesis is a unique family catechesis program which promotes parents as the primary educators of their children in the Catholic faith.  Within this program, faith instruction is done once a week at home by the parents.  The curriculum used is designed to transmit a solid and deeper understanding of our Catholic faith to the entire family.  Activities involving games, quizzes, stories and music are provided to assist parents in growing in their Catholic faith with their children.  Family catechesis assists parents in creating an atmosphere of daily Christian living while encouraging praying together often as a family.  Our Sunday Family program generates a spirit of service as we participate in such activities as Thanksgiving Baskets, Adopt a Family for Christmas, Lenten Soup Suppers and more.

Here is how the programs works:

Home Instruction:
Weekly religious education classes are taught within the context of the individual family home.  Parents are the teachers of their children following a curriculum and materials provided by the Religious Education Office.  On line resources are available for the parent and child to review and assess knowledge gained.

Sunday Catechesis:
On the first Sunday of the month (October through June), all families participating in this program attend the 9:00 am children’s mass together.  Immediately following this mass, the entire family participates in a program of fellowship, faith sharing, instruction, and on occasion a family activity that lasts until 11:45am.  Every Catholic member of the household, parents and children, is required to attend and participate in each of these monthly sessions.  Non-Catholic members are certainly welcome to attend.  An orientation meeting will be held in September for all new families and those families that did not attend the orientation last year.

  • Children age four and up can participate in our monthly Sunday catechesis.  Children under age four will be supervised by adult and teen babysitters.
  • This program is open, by application, to all families who currently participate in Mass on a weekly basis.

How to apply:

If you would like to know more or have any questions, please call the coordinators of this program, Lynn and Gene Sharp (908-221-1553), Tom and Debbie DeMarco (908-696-8592), and Thom and Diane Kiel (908-696-0485).  If you think this program would be a good fit for your family, please complete the registration form.  Read carefully the Commitment to the Program at the end of the form and make sure that if both parents are Catholic, both parents understand the commitment involved and both parents sign the form.

2017-18 Family Catechesis Registration Form

Return form and money to the Religious Education Office by JUNE 6, 2014
(Space is limited)