Many names have been given to me. I have been called the “Virgin of the Passion”. “the Golden Madonna”, “the Mother of the Redemptorist Missionaries”, “the Mother of Catholic homes”.

The name of my own choosing is “Mother of Perpetual Help”. It is also the name by which Pope Pius IX requested the Redemptorist Missionaries to make me known. 

My story is of how Heaven hallows human happenings for purposes divine. It is a history that appears complicated and adventurous, but seen ‘from above” it is a simple, straight line drawn through human history.

It is the story of an unknown artist, a repentant thief, a curious little girl, an abandoned church, an old religious and a Pope.

And above all, it is the story of my presence in the apostolic life of the Missionaries of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.