All regular scheduled masses will be celebrated in both the church and chapel this weekend.  We are practicing social distancing in both locations.  This requires your co-operation and patience.  The first few weeks will involve some adjustments to our routines.  Please pay attention and follow instructions for social distancing.  We are now able to have 100 people per mass.

  • All are asked to enter through the main parking lot entrance.
  • Ushers will escort you to seating based on how many are in your party.
  • All MUST wear masks.
  • You are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer. Limited amounts will be available.
  • If you fall into any of the high risk categories PLEASE STAY HOME!
  • If you are not feeling well PLEASE STAY HOME.
  • Attending mass during the pandemic is not mandatory.
  • If the church or chapel reach capacity the Eucharist will be distributed to those outside after mass.

Fr. Jay

Letter from Bishop James Checchio dated June 1, 2020

Sunday Mass:  All regular scheduled mass times will be celebrated beginning this weekend.  We will live-stream the 10:45am Mass on Sunday, September 13th (you do not have to be a FaceBook member to view) for those who are unable to attend.

Mass Cards:  Please visit the rectory Monday-Thursday between 8:30am and 4:00pm.  Emails can be sent to  Alana Davis at or you can leave a message at 908-766-0079 x0.

Wedding/Baptism Certificates:  Please leave a message for Alana Davis (908-766-0079 x0) or email

Burials:  Please contact Paul Wry at 908-300-7114 or email

Emergencies:  Please contact Fr. Jay at 908-766-0079 x3 OR Fr. Juan at 908-766-0079 x4