Is your family life all you want it to be?
Is it all God wants it to be?
Do you experience God’s love through your experience of family?
Is your family an incubator for emotional and spiritual growth?
Is your family a beacon to others of lives fully alive?
Is your family life increasingly challenged by the demands of today’s world?

Pope Francis is focusing attention on the challenges to family life and ways the Church can be more supportive of families.  He has called two Synods of Bishops, one in 2014 and another for October 2015, to review these issues and to develop a plan of action.  He is sponsoring a World Meeting of Families (WMOF) in Philadelphia, September 22 – 27, where families can participate in this dialogue and join in family affirming activities.  Pope Francis himself will participate in the last two days of the conference.

To prepare for Pope Francis’ visit and help our families address the challenges of family life today, OLPH is hosting a series of six Sunday evening workshops beginning June 28 and ending August 2.  Our theme will be Love is Our Mission: the Family Fully Alive  (the same as the World Meeting of Families).

Come join others in discussing the rewards and challenges of family life in today’s world.  Explore the relevant teachings of the Church and the real world experiences of other families.

Sessions will begin with a light dinner for participants and their families in the school gym foyer immediately following the 5:30pm Sunday Masses.  Workshops will begin promptly at 7pm and end around 8:15pm.  There will be supervised activities for children.   Attendance at all 6 sessions is not required.

Please help us in our planning by using the advance sign-up sheet below:

Names of expected attendees (for children please include age):

Please contact Susan/Chris Howley (908-766-4165) or Carol/Bob Dooley (908-766-6087) with any questions.