FRIDAY April 19 Good Friday
8:00a Morning Prayer
3:00p Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion and Death
7:30p (Church – Spanish) Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion and Death

SATURDAY April 20 Holy Saturday
8:00a Morning Prayer
7:00p Easter Vigil in the Holy Night

SUNDAY April 21 Easter Sunday
7:30a For all our Parishioners
9:00a For all our Parishioners
9:30a (Chapel) For all our Parishioners
10:45a For all our Parishioners
1:00p (Church – Spanish) For all our Parishioners

MONDAY April 22
8:00a Eugenie Rabbat r/o OLPH Youth Ministry

TUESDAY April 23
8:00a Connor Crooks r/o Grandparents

8:00a Ruth Calderone r/o John & Judy Gagis

8:00a James Downey r/o The Carton Family

FRIDAY April 26
8:00a Mary & Mike Fantina r/o Jeanne & David Fantina

8:00a Hank Adams r/o Carol & Donald Crooks
5:30p Glenn Francken r/o Richard & Susan Diegnan
7:30a Carlos Vargas r/o Catalina Vargas & Family

SUNDAY April 28
7:30a Donald White r/o Castrilli Family
9:00a Angelina Franzo r/o Steve & Laura Riggio
9:30a (Chapel) Shawn Meehan r/o Barbara Meehan
10:45a Eugenie Rabbat r/o Fr. John Fell
5:30p For all our Parishioners

Please Note: Morning Prayer, Mon. – Sat., 7:40 am Church