Please join us for our upcoming events (listed below) and get involved in our Youth Ministry program.  We are a group of parish youth who share faith, fellowship, service and fun together.  All we need is a  Youth Ministry Permission Slip which you can bring with you the first time you come.  If you would like to be a part of any of our activities or if you have any questions, please contact Victor Gonzalez at or 908-745-9992.

Saint Timothy Award Recipients
Please join us in congratulating Laura Aquino and Alex Lowdon for receiving the Diocese of Metuchen St. Timothy Award honoring outstanding contributions of high school teens for their faith and service. When exceptional leaders are recognized for their dedication and service, they receive the affirmation they truly deserve and serve as a model for others to emulate. Congratulations Laura & Alex for your strong examples of your faith!

Confirmation Retreat Team News
Our team meetings in the library are scheduled for the following dates and times:

March 1 (4 pm-5:15 pm) followed by 5:30 pm mass
March 8 (4 pm-5:15 pm) followed by 5:30 pm mass
March 15 (4 pm-5:15 pm) followed by 5:30 pm mass
March 20 – We will be setting up at the school from 7-8 pm.
March 21 – Retreat (8:00 am-10 pm)
March 22 – Retreat Mass (9 am-10 am)

Our season has started and we would like to invite all parish youth to come cheer the team on.

Here is the March schedule:
3/1- vs. OLF @ St. Francis, Metuchen (2:15 pm)
3/8 – vs. St. James B @ OLPH (7 pm)

A Youth Ministry Permission Slip must be on file in the youth ministry office for all youth that are participating in any Youth Ministry activity.

* For all offsite activities, a special permission slip will be required.  If we are leaving the State of NJ, that permission slip must be notarized.

If you have any questions please call Victor Gonzalez at 908-745-9992.